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Body symbol – love sign (finally)

Haha, I have purchased an iPhone apps : body symbol for months, yet I’ve never used it. Then after a very long vacuum time interval, finally I’ve used it yesterday.

I was hanging out with my old friends : yoel & cindy on Solo Paragon, one of the latest mall in Solo. I stopped by at Calais, bubble tea shop. I was enjoying chocholate milk tea with lechy popping pearls, then chatting a lot there. A very cozy place to held a little reunion I think. In that moment we created that crazy idea : shooting on body symbol.

Well, that was so exhausting actually. We just need 9 pictures to make a love sign by our hands, however we made hundreds shots there. Retaking the photo, editing the lighting, placing our arms in the proper position. However, those things were done in fun, full of laugh and excitement. 😀 well then I just want to share the result of our struggling. Not so good, but it can bring us joy and sweet memory.

Smiles for you.. 🙂