About Me

Hi. =)

My name is Yozef Giovanni Tjandra. I’m Indonesian. I currently study at ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung), majoring Mathematics. I’m no good in writing, however I love exploring ideas through writing. I’m no good in mathematics, however I’m always amazed by their incredible theorems and ways of thinking. I’m no good in English, but I’m trying to express my idea in this sloppy blog. I’m no good in managing idea, however I always have a vision that someday I have to be a profesional, doing it. I’m no good in communitacing, both verbal and written, but they’re always become my “to-conquer-lists”. I’m no good in learning, but I never stop being curious about many things. I’m no smart, but I’m gifted. I’m no wise nor religious, but I was saved by grace. I was nothing but now I am something in the grace of my LORD.

Well, I think that’s enough for a brief introduction.

Thanks for visitting my blog. Have a nice day.

God bless you.


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