Today I met at least 5 of my cousins aged around 4-9 who came from Jakarta to my hometown, Solo. We had a thanksgiving party in one of our new office in the countryside of Solo. The buliding was extremely wide and spacious, located near ricefield and lots of wild open green space. My main observation was the comparison between behaviours of my cousins and some other local children’s at their peer who were also invited to the party. Surprisingly, the local children (whom I suppose live in pretty worse educational neighbourhood) behaved nicer and made less troubles in the event, whereas the ‘metropolitan’ children shouted wildly, ran back and forth uncontrollably, and brought a lot of disturbing noises. I guess this happen due to the ‘metropolitan’ children’s lack of experience playing with their peers in an open space and enjoying abundant interaction with nature. Maybe they were too excited to have such an experience while the local ones just felt that today’s event was just another ordinary playing time. From this, I could infer, who are the happiest children.

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