[Choral] How I Shall I Sing to God?

Well, since I’ve chosen not to be active anymore in any choral society in my last 2-3 years; you might think that this post doesn’t suit me. But, in fact (trust me!) I was an active tenor and choral pianist for aproximately 3-4 years, since I was in secondary school.

Well then, today I was recollecting many of our repertoires we’ve experienced. One of them was this song: “How shall I sing to God” by Larson-Wren. I was a pianist while we were performing the repertoire. Unfortunately, I did not have the recording for our performance. It was a performance for a Youth Christmas Celebration in my church in Solo. I was browsing on YouTube and found another choir perform this repretoire, and they play well. This is the link if you mind: 

Our performance had a little bit faster tempo than the one in the video. However, at that time I was playing too fast and also I missed the climacs of the song. That was painful, but I thank God that I still play quite in order.

Well, forget about the bad performance. I would like to share the lyrics & my interpretation of the song:

Verse 1

How shall I sing to God
when life is filled with gladness,
loving and birth,
wonder and worth?
I’ll sing from the heart,
thankfully receiving,
joyful in believing.
This is my song;
I’ll sing it with love.

Verse 2

How shall I sing to God
when life is filled with bleakness,
empty and chill,
breaking my will?
I’ll sing through my pain,
angrily or aching,
crying or complaining.
This is my song;
I’ll sing it with love.


How shall I sing and tell my Saviour’s story,
Passover bread, life from the dead?
I’ll sing with my life, witnessing and giving,
risking and forgiving.


The lyrics was deep. It tells us how should we response to our daily life. Everyone face gladness and bleakness everyday. Everyone experience loving and pain every moment. However, the writer of the song tells us that every feelings that he experienced, should imply him to sing with love. Should we sing literally? So everytime, we were happy or sad, we’re immediately sing? Nope, the writer, in the bridge part, said that he ‘sing’ with his life. What does that means? By doing witnessing and giving, risiking and forgiving, he did response to God. Every moment he’ve experienced, lead him to get a better life, to get closer to God, to get closer to others.

A very short & ordinary interpretation, I think. Well, to sum up, after a long long time, I think I’d sing again. =p


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