Happy Independence Day!

17 Then Jesus said to them, “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” And they were amazed at him.

– Mark 12 : 17 –

Well, today is the independence day of Indonesia, my nation, which God had chosen me to live in. 17 August 1945, the day which Soekarno proclaim the freedom of Indonesia. No more coloniality.

I believe that in every event occured in my life were not coincidences. It has been decided to be occured before. So do my nationality. I can not choose, which nation should be mine. I never choose to be an Indonesian. But God does. Why is that so? It is a part of His great will, that I should explore in my whole life.

Well then, Mark 12:17 remind me how to act and behave against the issue of nationality. It that verse, Jesus was tempted by the Pharisiens. They asked Him “Should we pay taxes to the Caesar?”. That was a trapping question. If Jesus said yes, then He were a Greek supporter & a traitor for His own nationality. If He said no, then He broke the law, than the Pharisiens can report Him to the Caesar. Amazingly, Jesus answered the question in an extraordinaryly wise way. Give back to the Caesar what is Caesar’s & give back to God what is God’s.

So, what should you give to your nation? What for God?

Happy anniversary Indonesia, may we rise up to be a shinning star among nations.. =’)


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