Finally man.. -___-

It’s been a loooongg loong time ago since I was doing blogging. This is my second blog. My first blog is a kind of err… “alay” blog. (alay is an Indonesia slank, I don’t find any English word which is equivalent. Maybe this can be a reference : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alay )

Okay, this is started by some friends who also want to start blogging. They asked me a lot about how to blog, what should they write in their blog. This is interest me a lot, and unfortunately, I’m start blogging now. >.<

In my idealism, I hope that everything in this blog should be in English. But my realisticism say that if I want to keep that idealism, I should stop blogging by next week. =(

However, I have made a mid-year “resolution” that I should start reading and writing more. That’s why I think that blogging may be a great step to keep my resolution being real. >.<

To sum up, pray for me. =)


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